Sobro was founded by the two brothers, Ragnar and Per-Olof Söderberg in 2007 aiming to support the passion of entrepreneurship, Sobro help develop businesses by applying their knowledge and experience. Everything Sobro does is underpinned by a strong belief in every person´s desire and ability to develop and grow.

Today, we are a team where each one of us shares this passion and invest as an owner-partner in Swedish businesses across a number of different industries.

Our vision is to be a dedicated owner partner for the companies of tomorrow. With a passion for business, a strong focus on corporate culture and an emphasis on employee development, we aim to build fast growing, profitable companies with lasting values.

15 Companies
6.9 Turnover, SEK billion
1935 Employees

You should consider partnering with us if:

  • You are ready to take the next step in the development of your company
  • You want to gain new insights and perspectives
  • You want to accelerate the development of your company
  • You have a clear vision and would like a partner to help achieve it
  • You would benefit from an active owner partner so you can spend more time focusing on daily operations
  • You need additional capital to grow
  • You want to unlock some of the financial value you have created
  • You want to prepare your company for a succession
  • You want to buy out current owners who aren’t active in the company

As an owner partner we strive to develop businesses according to eight main philosophies:

  • Owner partner together with founders and management

  • To create a long-term focus and a common agenda we always prefer partnering with management and/or founders of the companies in which we invest. We also welcome ownership distributed between a larger pool of employees.

    Whilst our business philosophy adheres to majority ownership in all of our investments, the fact that we engage in partnerships also means that we encourage other owners to maintain a substantial ownership stake in the business. We are convinced that the end result is always better when working towards common goals.

  • Committed but not operational

  • We are well aware that we will never know a business’ operations better than the people who work there every day. We are of the firm belief that the management team is best suited to running the daily operations of a company. To help achieve this, we are mindful of interference, and avoid involving ourselves with operational details.

    We are truly committed to our partner companies and are always seeking the relevant questions, challenging assumptions and offering assistance. Examples of what we help with include analysis, incentive programs, capital structure and add-on acquisitions, if required.

  • Passion for business, focus on employees and corporate culture

  • We put a strong emphasis on corporate culture and the happiness and development of employees. We believe that to create a successful company with lasting appeal, employers must appreciate the value in an ambitious and aspiring workforce. Having people that are capable of identifying new opportunities, staying focused, and learning from past experience is crucial to developing a successful business.

    Companies with a strong corporate culture attract more motivated employees. If employees thrive at work, their willingness to progress and contribute increases too.

  • Growth oriented

  • Our goal is to help create profitable and growing businesses that share lasting values.

    Growth can be achieved both organically and through add-on acquisitions depending on a company’s particular situation, aims and strategy.

  • Clear goals and follow-up

  • We always have the company’s best interest at the forefront of what we do. We work to help existing management design and execute their own strategies, keeping these in line with the goals that we together discuss, and focus on achieving

    We believe in keeping things straightforward: having a clear vision makes achievement much more likely. We do everything we can to help support a company’s management on their path to realizing their potential.

  • Support to and coaching of the management team

  • As a support and sounding board for management, we help assign a dedicated, independent board member to take up the role of Chairman. This person will possess the relevant operational skills and background required to help develop the company.

    In addition to traditional board meetings, we also hold regular meetings with the managing director and the chairman for more informal discussions.

  • Invest our own money

  • The capital we invest comes directly from us at Sobro. This creates a personal commitment and means that all investments are made with our hearts.

    Not having external investors improves the decision making process by making it shorter and more flexible. It also creates a financial stability for the companies since we will always be there; in good times as well as in bad times.

  • Flexible ownership horizon

  • Due to our unique structure, we have no external requirements regarding ownership period. This allows us to be both flexible and responsive.

    Our ambition is to make lasting and harmonious partnerships, and to contribute as meaningfully as we can.