Sobro was founded by the two brothers, Ragnar and Per-Olof Söderberg in 2007 aiming to support the passion of entrepreneurship, Sobro help develop businesses by applying their knowledge and experience. Everything Sobro does is underpinned by a strong belief in every person´s desire and ability to develop and grow. Today, we are a team where each one of us shares this passion and invest as an owner-partner in Swedish businesses across a number of different industries. Our vision is to be a dedicated owner partner for the companies of tomorrow. With a passion for business, a strong focus on corporate culture and an emphasis on employee development, we aim to build fast growing, profitable companies with lasting values.

You should consider partnering with us if:

  • You are ready to take the next step in the development of your company
  • You want to gain new insights and perspectives
  • You want to accelerate the development of your company
  • You have a clear vision and would like a partner to help achieve it
  • You would benefit from an active owner partner so you can spend more time focusing on daily operations
  • You need additional capital to grow
  • You want to unlock some of the financial value you have created
  • You want to prepare your company for a succession
  • You want to buy out current owners who aren’t active in the company

As an owner partner we strive to develop businesses according to eight main philosophies: